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Understanding costs and budgets, finding an architect, finalising plans, dealing with council approvals, finding a builder, negotiating prices & contracts.......

There is a lot to know and, a lot you could get wrong. Let Haven Advocates save you time, stress and potentially many thousands of dollars.

We don't work for architects, we don't work for builders.... we work for you!  

Someone on your side, every step of the way.

"Having worked with full service builders for many years and seeing the huge margins being applied, I knew we could help homeowners get that same 'one stop shop' experience, at a fraction of the cost. All while accessing higher quality and more local builders and suppliers."

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We Work For You!

Whether you already have plans and designs or not, we can help you find, select, and negotiate with the right builders, architects & designers.

Armed with a full, detailed and independent cost breakdown for your project, we will source, interview and negotiate with quality builders that fit your budget and schedule and want to win your business.

"After many years of working with frustrated homeowners and builders and seeing so much of their time and money wasted, I knew there had to be a better way. We improve the process for both builders and homeowners resulting in genuine cost savings and better outcomes."

Just starting your journey? No Plans Yet?

At Haven Advocates, we can help you define a realistic budget and negotiate fixed price concept design agreements with architects and draftspeople. We can then have the designs independently costed to ensure what is being designed can be built for your budget, all this prior to you investing in more expensive working and structural plans. This service alone could save you many many thousands of dollars.

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