How We Save You

 "We've got this"

You can relax in the knowledge that while you may only do this once or twice in your lifetime, we've done it 100's of times.

Our aim is to provide you with a comprehensive, 1 on 1 service that not only takes the stress and workload out of your extension, but can also save you a lot of money at the same time. 

Save Money 

Firstly, by obtaining an independent and full cost breakdown of your project, using the best available software prior to contacting prospective builders, we are in the best position to negotiate the best and fairest price possible for your project.

Our process also saves prospective builders many hours of work, reduces their risk and provides them with a steady stream of opportunities to win projects just like yours. This saves them on sales and marketing & allows them to spend more time on site. This results in genuine cost savings and because we take no commissions or fees from builders, the savings are passed on to you.

 Save Time

Deal with 1 person, not 10.

It is easy to underestimate how difficult it can be to get quotes from quality builders. Quoting requires the builder to dedicate many hours of work and takes them away from what they do best. More often than not you are left to waste a huge amount of time chasing and chasing, only to find they are over budget & not available when you need them. Let Haven Advocates enable you to have quality builders fight for your business.

 More Choice

There are many builders that offer the "Start to finish" option but often you are being locked into one builder and one architect, with limited options to shop around or compare quotes.  

Many of these builders are paying sales people 6-7% commission as well as huge monthly marketing budgets that in the end, you are paying for.  

When you also factor in detailed costing, site visits and contingencies, the cost of sale for even the smallest, 'just the build' builder, will be around 5-6% of your final contract price.  Your 'full service' builder will regularly factor in 12-15% of your contract price on cost of sale, all while locking you in before you even really know what your extension will cost.  

Let Haven Advocates give you more choice, empower you with knowledge and negotiate the best possible price for your home extension.  

 Use Our Expertise

"Contracts", "Provisional sums", "Prime cost items", "Variations", "Liquidated damages"....... There is a lot to navigate when dealing with builders and building contracts. It can also be extremely difficult to truly know what your project will cost to build and even harder to know what the quoted prices actually include. Let Haven Advocates and our network of Industry experts take the worry away.