Free In Home Consultation

Free in home consultation with our experienced staff right across the Sydney metropolitan area.  

We come to you and discuss your project and advise you on the next steps to help make your dreams a reality.

Assistance in Selections

Assist in selecting the right architect or draftsperson based on your needs & budget. 

Rather than diving straight into very expensive working drawings, we engage architects and draftspeople on a fixed price concept design agreement, allowing you to explore the potential options.

Ongoing Cost Estimates

Ongoing cost estimates during the concept design phase by independent estimators to ensure you are still in line with your budget expectations.

This gives you a clear and realistic idea of what your project will cost prior to investing many thousands of dollars in plans & permits only to find out you are well over your budget.

Permits & Approvals

Permit & Approvals  

Ultilising our network of industry professionals we can assist with obtaining Permits and Approvals and coordinating each stage of the approval process as well as other professional services like structural engineers and certifiers. We use our buying power to negotiate the best possible price and outcome.

Detailed Project Costing

A detailed project costing prior to engaging builders to provide quotes.

This not only enables us to negotiate better with builders, but also saves the builder many hours of work, meaning more builders want to win your business.

The level of detail provided to the builder also enables them to better negotiate with each of their individual trades. This gives them more confidence to provide our clients with the best possible price. And because we take no commissions or fees from the builders, all savings are passed on to you.

Obtaining Quotes

Obtaining quotes/tenders, selecting the builder & negotiating the best price.

Getting quotes from builders is actually harder than you think. We provide our network of builders with a detailed breakdown of your project. This makes it easier for the builder, plus with the complete independent costing provided, we know you wont pay any more than you should. This allows you to choose the best builder suitable, not just the one that actually got a quote back to you.

Fixtures & Fittings Schedules

We can take care of fixtures and fittings schedules.

For every fixture and fitting supplied, builders apply a margin, even though you’re often left to select and source on your own. We offer true assistance in selection as well as using our buying power & trade pricing to save you money.

Contracts & Payment Schedules

Contracts & Payment Schedules.

Building Contracts are quite complex documents. We assist you in understanding your rights and ensure you are only paying what you should and when you should.

Assist with Builder Disputes

We can assist with Builder Disputes, providing you required documents and advice and attend meetings.

Utilising our expertise and our network of industry professionals, we can assist with any disputes, resulting in fair and timely outcomes while maintaining good relationships.